A Well-blended Body of Men

Never before, indeed, had a more harmonious body of men appeared on the stage of history. It was equipped with every requisite of success in both the worlds. It made out the blue-prints of a culture and a Dominion which, within a remarkably short time, rose to hold sway over three large continents. It was a veritable mine of talent which sent forth what seemed to be an endless stream of men of quality and ability including wise rulers, honest administrators, impartial judges, prayerful leaders, pious army commanders and God-fearing scientists.

Owing to the peculiar mental upbringing of the Muslims and ceaseless propragation of the Islamic ideals among them, the Islamic Commonwealth remained steadily supplied with earnest and God-fearing servants. The responsibilities of the government were vested in those who preferred the dissemination of Truth to the collection of revenue, and who possessed a correct understanding of the organic relationship between religion and life and knew how to co-ordinate the world on faith with the world of practical affairs in such a way as to make life full and righteous. Under the stewardship of these men the civilisation of Islam unfolded itself in its full majesty and the blessings of the Faith sprang into life in a manner never heard of before.

The Holy Prophet had applied the key of Apostleship to the lock of human personality and it opened up, laying before the world all the rich treasures with which God had endowed man. He had cut asunder the mainsprings of ignorance and brought its power to dust. He had forced with Divine power, the then benighted world to march on a new highway of life. He had inaugurated a fresh era in the annals of mankind. It was the Islamic era which will shine for ever in human history.


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  1. salam mail.haha.i prefer english articles.no offence n i like this one indeed.true and accurate r the descriptions of yours on the people of the past,people who brought islam to the knowledge of the people around the world.but,my o my, we r stalling behind them arent we.muslims nowadays go nowhere near them but i cant say all are like dat.some of us r definitely striving to rise again n some of us may have in the real fact go beyond them if what they hold in their mind n heart,the zeal to learn n strive for knowldg for the pleasure of getting ever more to Allah, theirs n my creator.verily,many people among us today,particularly the malaysians that have been into boarding schools, hold a mentality of relaxing n obtaing ‘good’ scores in their exams as enough or even worse, consider it as excellent n brilliant r i’m afraid far from the reality of success compared to those people of that glory.strikingly,many of us had fallen n many more r falling until the few of us rise n change these condition of the sleeping ummah by firstly enlightening themselves.baghdad had fallen hard in the hands of those they considered as mere ants n now rnt we falling even more comparatively?hmm…my thoughts.salam alaik.


  2. iamismail

    January 24, 2008

    value of men should not be measured by their excellence in academic or performance in exams…as Ar-Rasul has mentioned: Khairun Nas, Anfa’uhum linnas… so make yourselves valuable and precious for the ummah… the ummah needs men, … money and ideology are both useless without men… the sahabah have shown us the best example… and of course, they were led by the prophet, they proved to the world that islam is the religion for men… not only a rhetorical idea, meaningless words…. Islam is a religion based upon knowledge and practice…

    do u want to be among the men…of the new ummah?


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