Muqaddimah Al-Ibar: Undang-undang dan Tarbiyyah

Posted on March 24, 2011


The reliance of sedentary people upon laws destroys their fortitude and power of resistance

When laws are (intended to serve the purpose of) education and instruction and are applied from childhood on, they have to some degree the same effect, because people then grow up in the fear and docility and consequently do not rely on their own fortitude.

When the Muslims got their religion from Muhammad (s.a.w.), the restraining influence came from themselves, as a result of the encouragement and discouragement he gave them in the Quran. It was not a result of technical instruction or scientific education. The laws were the laws and precepts of the religion that they received orally and which they firmly rooted belief in the truth in the articles of faith caused them to observe. Their fortitude remained unabated and it was not corroded by education and authority.

(keratan buku Muqaddimah, karangan Ibn Khaldun)

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