One of the Men: ‘Umar Al-Khattab

Posted on October 15, 2007



Imam An-Nawawi reported:

Umar r.a. accompanied the Prophet s.a.w. in every battle and kept firm on the day of Uhud. The Prophet once said, “I had a dream that a woman was performing Wudu’ in Paradise sitting beside a place. I inquired whose palace this was. I was told that it belonged to Umar.” Then turning towards Umar r.a. he said, “The same moment your sense of honor came to my mind and I went away from there.” Hearing this, Umar r.a. burst into tears and submitted, “Shall I show my sense of honor to you?”

The Prophet s.a.w. once said, “I dreamt that I took milk and its freshness reached up to my nails. I then gave the rest to Umar.” “What is the interpretation of this dream, O Prophet of Allah?” they asked. “Milk here means Knowledge,” the Prophet s.a.w. explained.

The Prophet s.a.w. said, ” Once I had a dream that people were brought before me in their shirts, some wearing them up in them to their chests, and some of them longer than this but Umar’s shirt was dragging. ” “What’s meant by the shirt?” they asked. “Religion,” he explained.

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